We needed support in working better together as a team and realised that the facilitation of learning and exploring our team dynamic will need a service provider that can deal with strong personalities, lack of insight into team dynamics and constructive courageous discussions. The e-mediate Enneagram workshop and other team interventions provided a human touch, supported by deep technical and practical knowledge of the issues at hand. Ellen’s creative ways of designing unique interventions adjusted as the context evolved and has made the team think and shift the way we interact on a daily basis. I can highly recommend e-mediate if you’re looking for sustainable results that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.”

Harriet Heymans, CFO, Standard Chartered Bank

The Enneagram provided our team with a greater understanding of people’s reactions and how to better deal with arising issues. Ellen provided excellent feedback that not only made us aware of our own personality traits but put it in a context of how to manage other people in our external environment. This tool creates great self-awareness and helps to identify growth areas for individuals and teams so they can excel.”

Jean Sloan, Head Strategy, Marketing and Menu Ocean Basket

Enneagram was an eye opener for me, you think you know yourself and others then you find out that the Enneagram shows something completely different. I found that very interesting and very helpful as I am able to better understand myself and my team. I would highly recommend the Enneagram as it explains how you are as a person as well as ideas on how to improve yourself and what to do more of to lead a balanced life. The workshops were very enjoyable and Ellen’s passion and enthusiasm for the product made it a very unique experience.”

Vicky Everet, Junior Manager, EY

Having completed numerous self-improvement courses and personality profiling methodologies which all provided me with a good foundation from which to evaluate alternative systems, I took a keen interest in Enneagram. Enneagram was new to me in its approach of exposing one’s natural/at rest position together with one’s likely responses to stressors and influences that could potentially take one out of that comfort zone. I found the tool to be extremely detailed basing its findings on a broad range of collected data. Having said this, the information is not overwhelming and can be easily applied in life.
Ellen as a practitioner is extremely knowledgeable and broadly experienced which leads to her ability to convey the information in a crystal clear and useful manner.
Enneagram assisted me in understanding who I am and my responses to external influence better. This raising of self-awareness assists me in my reaction to these influences which is also the main reason why I would recommend Enneagram as an invaluable tool to self-discovery.”

Cornu Perold, Director, Perold Consulting

What else has been said about our workshops:

  • “Very informative and insightful!”
  • “Awesome!”
  • “It provided such deep insights for me.”
  • “Definitely gave me food for thought.”
  • “Fantastic! Learning via interaction.”
  • “Loved the approach of having the facilitator provide a ‘skeleton’ of sorts and then attendees adding the ‘flesh’. Made us feel like we are not just sitting there listening.”


What has been said about Ellen:

  •  “Extremely knowledgeable, everybody enjoyed her.”
  • “She rocked!”
  • “Delightful.”
  • “She did not talk me to sleep. Always a good thing.”
  • “She really has a gift for doing this.”
  • “She is amazing. Highly apparent that she loves what she does and is passionate about people.”
  • “Fantastic! She was open and clear, and I feel she was able to connect to everyone. It’s always a challenge when identifying people’s weaknesses, but she did this with tact and also focused on positives.”