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“Each one of us can make a difference - Together we make change” - Barbara Mikulski

We are thankfully all different. Personality differences are what actually make us attracted to each other and able to work together – providing we understand these personality differences and accommodate them with tolerance and understanding.

In the e-mediate team workshops we use a powerful tool known as Enneagrams to figure out how people in the team tick and how the Enneagram can be successfully employed in the creation of improved team dynamics.

The Enneagram is a tool for understanding your own and other personality types. It’s a set of character structures that reflect habits of thinking, feeling and behaving and it creates true awareness at an individual and team level – to uncover the focus and patterns that subconsciously drive and motivate our actions. It is an invaluable guide towards self-development, relationship building, conflict resolution and improvement of team dynamics. In layman’s terms, the Enneagram explains why we behave the way we do. The nine points of the diagram show distinctive personality types and consequently different points of view, so the use of Enneagrams result in insight that quickly turns to a genuine desire to see through the eyes of others, feel their pressure …and when you take on others’ outlook, you see that their perspective is their reality!


“Human beings are not things needing to be motivated and controlled. They are four-dimensional: body, mind, heart, and spirit.” -Stephen Covey

In a firm belief that the process of ‘empowering people to add value to a business’ lies in face-to-face interactions, we offer tailor made interactions to specifically align with your business’ people strategies and goals.

Interactions can be designed in any format – workshops, training sessions, team building, team interventions or group coaching. They can be configured around specific learning outcomes and can include anything else your team wants to achieve – strategy, values, expectations or behaviours. Each interaction will leave you with a deadline driven action plan to implement the required shift.


“…while extraordinary products and unique services still afford a competitive advantage, the one advantage that stands the test of time…is people.” - Mark Salsbury

Time to question traditional HR practices, to challenge the status quo of how you manage your people. Time to rewrite the rules for an ever changing world of human capital. Time to embrace different thinking and to not for one second become complacent that you are getting it right. Time to research new HR trends, tap into the world of people analytics, cognitive technologies for recruitment and “always on” learning experiences. Time to experiment with performance management approaches that emphasize continuous feedback and coaching, reducing the focus on appraisals. Time to keep evolving your people management as times change.

e-mediate focuses on people practices and development programs that shape and influence the way the workforce engages with the organisation while at the same time ensuring all traditional HR administration tasks (policies, procedures, payroll, statutory reporting, record keeping etc.) are taken care of.

We focus all our energy into developing an employee experience strategy that puts the workforce at the centre while ensuring that the goals and objectives of the company remain top priority.

It’s time for the perfect HR business partner:

1.A strategic partner

2.An administrative expert

3.A change agent

4.An employee champion

Focused on the processes and the people, focused on the future and the day-to-day.