DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO... - E-Mediate


A recent video doing the rounds on social media, shows a doctor’s waiting room where people stand up every five minutes for no reason. Newcomers to the room soon start joining in the bizarre behaviour, without knowing why or even asking the question why. This reminded me of the well-known “Five Monkeys and a Ladder” social experiment which illustrates the idea of the most damaging phrase known to the business world, “It’s always been done that way”. Copying the behaviour of another without reason or understanding, has become the root cause why so many businesses struggle to find new and innovative ways of doing things and why costs keep rising and profits keep falling.

Usually the first step in rectifying this situation is to promote innovation and out of the box thinking, pay good money for fresh ideas and new product suggestions. But how do we relook at something that’s been done a certain way for decades and that, according to legacy employees or managers, is a tried and tested way of doing what we do? The answer lies in the how, not the what.

Instead of coming up with new ideas, we implement a methodology that forces people to look at things differently. We change their structure of interpretation, and follow a step-by-step guide to dissect every process and procedure. By looking at it from a different angle the answer becomes clear and the solution to become more productive and to continue becoming more productive is revealed. And in the end we have a systematic approach to achieving objectives.

Now instead of training to do like I do…we train to think!